Helping People Unlock Their Inner Power to Experience a Lifetime of Happiness.

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Happiness is a state of being, not something you acquire at the finish line.

You may have achieved some level of professional success has made you feel happy from time to time, but profound lasting change and long term happiness has eluded you.

What if you could…

“When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear”
Buddha Siddhartha Guatama Shakyamuni

Your Path to Freedom

Your journey of transformation begins by embarking on a 6 moths long program with a simple 12 steps, yet powerful framework to discover your true identity, overcome your fears and create a lifetime of happiness.

LOL is the program which has been in development for over 35 years and has helped thousands of people just like you to transform their life. The framework uses teachings and practices rooted in psychology, neuroscience, ancient Greek philosophy, spirituality and mysticism, and latest up to date discoveries. 

Value of Time
Power of Awareness
6 Fears
Happy Body, Happy Mind
Your Purpose
Law of Balance
Give and You Shall Receive
Intelligent Communication
Intuitive Decision Making
Life of Service

What you can expect

Attract the right people and events into your life
Create relationships built on love and understanding
Enhance your intuition and decision making abilities
Gain a deep understanding of happiness and how to create it

LOL is a program which provides the necessary elements to create lasting change in your life.


A practical system to increase your awareness and modify behavior.


A simple way to understand through experiential learning.


Individualized support and monitor your progress.


Connection with people just like you to share experiences with.

Let the life begin

“A journey of a thousand steps, starts with a single step”
Lao Tzu

The first step is a 30-minute meeting with a Certified Coach.

This is an informational call and the simplest way for you to get a detailed overview of the framework, tools and the process to help you make an informed decision about how to create transformation in your life.

There is no cost for this meeting and no commitment required. It is a learning experience which will answer any questions you might not even know you have.

What is covered in the strategy session?

Discover the methodology which makes this program one of a kind
Uncover the true definition of lifelong happiness
Understand what unconditional love is and how to create it
Help you decide if this is the right fit for you.


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